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I just sat my major Japanese exam for this year, I have been meaning to update this blog for a while, but I haven’t had time since I have been bogged down under study for said exam.

 But now that this exam is over, and I have handed in all of my assignments, I am now fully done with university for this semester; to think the next time I will be doing any kind of major study will be in Japan.

As for preparation for Japan several things have happened -I talked to my old host father in Tsuruga, and organized visiting there for a while during August

-Talked to a friend in Tokyo, and organized a few days in Tokyo

-Been talking to my friend Aki, and have organized a few things with him

-Decided (roughly) what classes I would like to take while at Kansai Gaidai

-Received an email from Kansai Gaidai stating that I had been accepted into the home stay program

I looked at a few luggage bags in Adelaide when I went into the city to do my exam today, I found one I really like, and really wanna buy, but my mum was hesitant for one reason or another, so I will hopefully be able to buy it in two weeks time.

But now that I am done with my exams I will be able to starting organizing all of the finer details. Also tomorrow or the next day I will upload the second instalment of “Memories Of The Past: Kaga”

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Finally got my plane tickets.

I will arrive at Narita airport at around 6am on Friday the 13th of August.

I am gonna give myself a few hours to get of the plane, grab my luggage, go through customs etc, then I will probably grab something to eat somewhere in the terminal then go buy a ticket for the shuttle bus, I am going to try to arrange with a friend to meet me at Shibuya station.

So in total I will probably give myself around two and a half hours, maybe even three from the time I arrive, just to do everything I need in the terminal, anyone who knows me knows I can get lost and confused easily, so this amount of time is warranted.

So I will probably try to catch the shuttle bus around 9:30 or 10am, and since the shuttle bus takes between 85minutes and 115minutes (depending on traffic) to arrive at the Shibuya drop offs, I will hopefully be able to meet my friend at around 12ish.

Ahhhh its gonna be so busy *__*

I’m lucky, it is a direct flight except for my domestic flight from Adelaide to Sydney.

I will probably arrive in Hirakata either the 29th or 30th of August So looking forward to this now.

Taken during flight from Sydney to Tokyo in 2007

 Soon I will be staring out at that view again.

Lori ❤

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