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There is always a moment in our lives when we stop to think, and we realize “hey, I am actually quite lucky, I have some amazing friends”, this realization has been hitting me more and more often over the last few weeks as I am also starting to realize that I won’t be able to see many of these great friends of mine for a year.

Its weird, because my group of friends, I don’t get to see them that often anyway, since we all live in different states around Australia, so all our outings and meetups are planned in advance, and may happen every few months, meaning that some people need to fly or drive for long hours.

Anyway, one of these events happened last week, with about 20+ of my friends coming to South Australia from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

I can honestly say, that it was just great seeing everyone before I leave, and I haven’t admitted it to now, but I actually cried as I was walking away from the airport after dropping the last leaving group at the airport.

I love everyone so much, and I am going to miss everyone even more.

Anyway, this isent just about me gushing on about my friends, believe it or not it actually does tie into a matter of my exchange.

And that being the luggage bag I brought.

First of all I will start of saying I LOVE MY LUGGAGE BAG, its been the luggage bag of my dreams ever since my first flight four or so odd years ago, it is nice and big, sturdy and strong, with a great storage layout and a ten year warranty, in the past whenever I have travelled my mother more or less forced me to buy a cheaper smaller luggage bag that usually ends up breaking after the first flight, so I have tons of old cheap luggage bags just lying around the house now, so its great to have one that is going to last.

Below are a few pictures of my bag as it was when I first brought it

My nice shiny new bag ❤

Inside my nice shiny new bag ❤ (and my cat)

Now going back to the topic of my friends, and the connection to my nice shiny new luggage bag, in what could be called a temporary lapse of judgment or insanity I decided it would be a good idea to give a few of my friends marker pens and let the scribble and write on my bag.

And hence, it ended up looking like this.

After my friends went mad with markers ❤

These are the memories I will keep

These are the words I'll Take with me

So I will never be alone

I'll treasure this and all that it represents

This was my way of always having my friends with me, and it makes my bag typically mine, some people may say it looks messy, but those thoughts and words belong to some of the people that are most important to me, it’s something that will be with me wherever I go.


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Its finally time for the next instalment of “memories of the past” I am worried that this may be a little short, especially when compared to the review of my time in Minamiechizen, but I think I am still suffering some of the after effects of my exam hell period, which means my brain doesn’t want to work properly at the moment XD

Any who, here it is. 


After Minamiechizen I next travelled and stayed in the slightly bigger town of Kaga in the nearby Ishikawa prefecture. While staying in Kaga I actually did quite a fair bit of travelling, went to Kyoto as well as a few other nearby towns and Kanazawa, I got to see so many beautiful things during my stay in Kaga.

My host family was so amazing and caring, before arriving in Kaga I actually seriously sprained my knee while skiing, and my host family helped me get better within a few days, they also celebrated Christmas with me (on Christmas eve), and I also made some really good friends.

Kaga is also a onsen town, so almost every night I was in Kaga, but offcourse I couldn’t take my camera in there, so I don’t have any hot spring photos to share XD

As I stated earlier, when I was staying in Kaga I did a lot of travelling, I travelled to the main city in the Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa, with a few friends on two different occasions, we went shopping, ate amazingly expensive pasta and pizza at some Italian restaurant (we didn’t know it was so expensive when we ordered it) went to some Japanese gardens, and generally had a lot of fun. On the second trip to Kanazawa, we pretty much spent the whole day in the huge hot spring building, it was so big, I was amazed.

A Japanese Garden in Kanazawa

Then I also went on a day trip to Kyoto, it was actually the day before Christmas, so it was a very interesting new years eve for me, but it was so much fun, and I got to see so many beautiful things.

The road going into Kyoto

In a small shop on the long hike up to a Kyoto temple, I actually got in trouble for taking this photo

And offcourse I also did a bit of sightseeing around Kaga, really it is a beautiful town, on Christmas day I was taken to the Kaga gardens and some water arm museum with my host brother and two friends, some of the stuff at the museum was amazing, and the garden was beautiful and had so many fun activities.

Kaga Gardens

Shades of blue

I really hope I get the chance to visit Kaga again.


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I just sat my major Japanese exam for this year, I have been meaning to update this blog for a while, but I haven’t had time since I have been bogged down under study for said exam.

 But now that this exam is over, and I have handed in all of my assignments, I am now fully done with university for this semester; to think the next time I will be doing any kind of major study will be in Japan.

As for preparation for Japan several things have happened -I talked to my old host father in Tsuruga, and organized visiting there for a while during August

-Talked to a friend in Tokyo, and organized a few days in Tokyo

-Been talking to my friend Aki, and have organized a few things with him

-Decided (roughly) what classes I would like to take while at Kansai Gaidai

-Received an email from Kansai Gaidai stating that I had been accepted into the home stay program

I looked at a few luggage bags in Adelaide when I went into the city to do my exam today, I found one I really like, and really wanna buy, but my mum was hesitant for one reason or another, so I will hopefully be able to buy it in two weeks time.

But now that I am done with my exams I will be able to starting organizing all of the finer details. Also tomorrow or the next day I will upload the second instalment of “Memories Of The Past: Kaga”

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